The symphony orchestra


In 2008, he studied masters-class conducting with René Castelain (Head of the Harmony Orchestra of Chartres, head of the Air Music of Paris in 1986), and Marc LEFEBVRE (Director of the Conservatoire of Music and Dramatic Art of Aix-les-Bains, conductor of Harmony Orchestra of the same city.)


In 2009, with Solange WISARD, he set up the "CLASSI-KA" orchestra, which allows young musicians to perform classical works as well as works by us (biguine, gwoka ...)


In 2014, with other musicians and lovers of music, he plays "GWADLOUP-SENFONI" who plays works inspired by gwoka; of his scales and his harmonies.


An orchestra composed of Guadeloupian musicians and Caribbean musicians (Cuba, Haiti, Dominica ...) and also Guadeloupian musicians living in Europe.

In the orchestra, they added home instruments, Ka, steel-pan, and other percussions.


They have already given 4 great concerts, from 2015 to 2018.


They set up a reduced version

with the musicians living in Guadeloupe.

This allows them to turn more



In the orchestra, Krisyan ensures the


He is also a composer and arranger.

GWADLOUP-SENFONI en répétition au MACTe

GWADLOUP-SENFONI en répétition au Moule

GWADLOUP-SENFONI in private concert

at the Departmental House of Bas du Fort


GWADLOUP-SENFONI en concert Ă  la salle Robert LOYSON au Moule

During an exchange between Gwadloup-Senfoni and the I.S.A. (Instituto Superior de Arte) in Havana, he directs the orchestra of the conservatory enriched with musicians from Gwadloup-Senfoni, during the concert given at the "El Sauce" hall.