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Dancing musician


He has played dance music in various orchestras: "The Hurricanes" and "Markey's" of Raizet, "Black Angel's" of Pointe-Noire "and" Guitars Boys "of Pointe-Ă -Pitre," Les Anges Noirs "of Petit-Canal ...

He was asked to replace a trumpet player, in the orchestra "FAIRNESS-JUNIOR", one of the greatest orchestras of the time, alongside Richard DESCIEUX. He had time to learn the whole repertoire, but the chef, Fred FANFAN, threw in the towel. He preferred to sail solo.

It is in these ball orchestras that he perfected his musical reading and especially writing. He has been a conductor and trumpet player for "Markey's" and "Boys Guitars". He was also responsible for writing the various parts of the brass (sax, alto and tenor) pieces of salsa ... There was also his first experiences of arranger.

 Thus, he played, among others, with Gilbert COCO, Alex MARBOEUF, Alza BORDIN, Edouard LABOR, Yvan JURAVER, Toto and Patrick JEAN-MARIE, Roger MOLIA, JosĂ© MANCLIERE, Jojo MAURINIER, Serge MAVOUNZY, Edouard CABARRUS, RenĂ© PINEAU, Jean-Pierre DATIL ...

 He was one of the first young people of the time to register for SACEM (in 1971).